The General Skilled Migration program is for people with the appropriate skills that Australia is still in need of and needs to fill up. This program offers permanent as well as temporary/provisional residency. A skilled person may qualify on his/her own merits or via sponsorships. However, applications for the visas are by invitation only. To be considered for invitation, a person must :

  • have an occupation in the latest skills list in effect at the time;
  • meet the points test;
  • meet the English Language requirement;
  • have the skills assessed;
  • meet other eligibility criteria;

Successful applicants for a permanent residency visa will be entitled, amongst others, to :

  • live and work in Australia without any restrictions;
  • include their partner and their dependent children;
  • may qualify for Australian citizenship.

Other visas in the skilled migration program include:

State/territory sponsored visas

This is a permanent visa

Graduate/Post-study Work visa

These visas are for students who have met the study requirements in Australia and wish to stay on for a further duration in Australia in order to get work experience in the field of study. They may also have the opportunity for permanent residency if they meet the requirements.

Skilled recognized graduate visas , etc.

A special 18 month visa for graduates in the field of engineering from specified overseas universities to gain work experience in Australia. They may have the opportunity to move on to apply for permanent residency if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Skilled Work Regional (provisional) visa & Relative sponsored (provisional) visa ;

This is a provisional visa for a period of five years for skilled workers who want to live and work in regional Australia.. The applicants will have to be nominated by a state or territory government agency or sponsored by an eligible relative. All they need is to :

  • have an occupation in the relevant skilled occupation list;
  • have a suitable skills assessment in the nominated occupation;
  • satisfy the English requirement and meet the points test;

Those successful on a provisional residency visa will be required to live and work in the designated regional area for a period of time before having a pathway to apply for permanent residency.

Our services include the assessment of your eligibility, examining options, lodging your skills assessment application, sponsorship applications, visa application, etc. Our advice to you is to allow us or a registered migration agent to look at the whole process to ensure all avenues are explored.

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