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Australia is a top study destination for students with world-class universities and internationally recognised degrees in every discipline. With more than 22,000+ courses at 1100+ educational institutions, Australia has something to offer to every student. To travel, live, and study here, you need to apply for an Australian student visa. You can apply for a visa once you have obtained an enrolment with an accredited university.

What Are the Student Visa Categories?

There is only one kind of visa to apply for if you are a student (Student Visa Subclass 500), and an associated visa for the parent / guardian of the student if they are below 18 years of age (Student Guardian Visa 590):

Student Visa Subclass 500:This is the most common and popular student visa category. The subclass 500 visa allows you to stay, study and work in Australia for up to 5 years and is in line with your enrolment at an accredited educational institution. This visa also allows you to bring your family members along with you to Australia. To apply for this visa you must be nominated by an educational institution in Australia. Irrespective of the choice of study, this is the visa to apply for.

Student Guardian Visa Subclass 590:This is a temporary visa that allows the parent or guardian of a student enrolled at an Australian educational institution to come to Australia to take care of and look after the student. Parents or guardians of students under 18 years of age or those with exceptional circumstances can apply for this visa. The duration of this visa is as per the enrolment status and student visa holder’s stay.

Student Visa Document Checklist

These are the documents that you need when applying for a student visa:
  • CoE or confirmation of enrolment
  • GTE or genuine temporary entrant personal statement
  • Funds for fees, travel and living expenses
  • Health insurance coverage proof
  • Test scores of English proficiency (dependent on the country of origin)

It is important to apply for your student visa with all the relevant details and supporting documentation to avoid rejection. Consider hiring a knowledgeable and experienced student visa agent to help you in the process and also act as a liaison with the immigration department on your behalf.

Australian Student Visa Processing Time

The processing time for an Australian student visa processing time varies depending on the course or sector for which you are applying. The usual time taken to process is:
  • Foreign Affairs or Defence Sector - 28 days - 7 months
  • Postgraduate Research Sector - 19 days - 8 months
  • Independent ELICOS Sector - 12 days - 18 months
  • Schools Sector - 26 days - 9 months
  • Vocational Education and Training Sector - 30 days - 16 months
  • Higher Education Sector 12 days - 7 months
  • Non-Award Sector Less than 1 day - 22 days

These are not an accurate representation of the processing time and can vary depending on the situation and the number of applications received during the period. Do check the Department of Home Affairs website for more information on the processing time.
Australia Student Visa Requirements & Eligibility

These are the general eligibility & student visa conditions in Australia for applying for this category of visa. You may also check the specific Australian study requirements according to the course and sector on the Department of Home Affairs or with your student visa consultant.

Financial:You need to submit proof that you have enough money to cover the cost of your travel, stay, course fee and living expenses. You can also show proof that your parents or sponsor are willing to finance your travel and stay in Australia, during the duration of the course. If you have a dependent spouse or children, you need to show your capability to finance their travel and stay.

Genuine temporary entrant:Your visa application is evaluated to understand and judge that you are a genuine entrant who wishes to enter Australia for the purpose of study only. Your academic and immigration or travel history is checked as well as the details of your enrolment at an accredited educational institution. Some students are asked to appear at the Australian consulate in their country for a face-to-face discussion as part of the visa application process.

Language proficiency:If you plan to live and study in Australia, you must be proficient in the English language. The accepted tests for these are TOEFL, IELTS, iBT, PTE and CAE. This applies to all students who are from non-English speaking countries. If you have lived for 5 years in an English speaking country, then you are not required to score on this test.

Health requirements & health cover:You must have adequate health cover to apply for a student visa. For this, you must be a holder of Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) or should fall in the exempt category. Some students may be asked to appear for a health check-up by a doctor approved by the immigration service. This is usually done for students enrolling in a medical course.

Student Visa Australia Cost

The cost of Student Visa Subclass 500 is $630 unless exempted, for the main applicant. The cost of the student guardian visa subclass 590 is $630. Please note that this cost is subject to change, revision, or exemption based on the government's policy. Do check the Department of Home Affairs website for the current costs and exemptions, if any.

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