Migration can be in different forms or for different reasons – permanent residency, temporary movement, movement in search of jobs, movement in search of business opportunities, joining family members, finding a new home, retiring, etc... Visas are also varied and can be short term, temporary, provisional or permanent.

Migration may take the form of skilled migration, business migration, family migration, employer sponsored visas, etc. They may be provisional or permanent visas.

The short term or temporary stay visas, on the other hand, can be a visitor visa, working and holiday visas, short business visit visa, etc. It can also be a student visa. Other visas include bridging visas, resident return visas, medical treatment visas, etc.

Whatever your reasons for travelling to Australia, it is important that you get the right advice before you apply for the visa. We can help you to assess your options and apply the right and appropriate visa to suit your travel and purpose.

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